Feedback on ECOgrade degradable plastic bags

Many thanks to Ed Weisberg, Senior VP of Marketing and Business Development with GXT Green. I featured some information on their ECOgrade plastic bags last September, Since then, GXT continues to make great progress, including winning approval for the new bags in the Indian market. Ed writes:

“I recently read your blog entry of Sept 17th regarding GXT Green’s ECOgrade bag as an alternative to paper or plastic.  We appreciate the recognition of our solution, and your observations.   

You raise some questions about our claims being verified. I would like to point you to the page on our site which contains third party certifications and testing, I trust that this will provide you with the details that you are looking for.   

In your article, you note that natural resources are still being claimed for a disposable product. I want to clarify that it is true that our bags will use some amount of natural resources (albeit less than plastic or paper) if they are disposed of or littered.  However, ECOgrade bags can be recycled with other plastics, without damaging the recycle chain, which would minimize natural resource use. Furthermore, they use less energy, less oil-based HDPE, and less energy to manufacture. Therefore, even if disposed, they have a much smaller environmental impact than paper or plastic. The same is true when compared to  reusables unless those bags are used an average of 200 times (not considering energy used to wash them and keep them bacteria free).  

You refer to the bag ban in Delhi as an example of bag bans that are being instituted internationally. We are proud that ECOgrade photodegradable bags have been adopted in India as an alternative to the single use carryout plastic bag.  This is based on extensive third party certification in India, and confirmation that our bags address the environmental challenges. We are currently ramping up our manufacturing plants there to support the needs of that country. By manufacturing locally, we also are able to preserve thousands of jobs in India that would have been eliminated if single use carry-out bags were banned without consideration of our alternative to plastic.”